About Artbeat Designs

Artistic Animal Portraits to Bring the Beauty of Mother Earth to Your Home.

Artbeat Designs believes in the bond between animals themselves, and the ideal that all beings strive for peace regardless of their natural instincts. Too much television and media coverage is dedicated to hunting and other cruelty, but all animals share such beautiful human-like emotions and expressions. Even the wildest of animals care for young, love their partners, and form bonds throughout families and communities. They also suffer from similar and harsher losses than their human friends, whether it be losing parents, children, friends, or more. A simple fallen tree can destroy entire communities of birds, squirrels, or other beautiful creatures, and they are more deserving of honor and remembrance than they are granted.

If you share the same passion for animals that I do, you will not only find my work pleasing to look at, but also a beautiful reminder of Mother Earth and the bond between us and Her creations. I hope to honor this bond unlike any other.

Artbeat Designs is created from my own unique vision of the ever-flowing harmony between animals and humans. With my love of furry friends and my eye for design, I have dedicated Artbeat Designs to  the bond humans share with the animal kingdom; whether it be man and his “best friend,” a bird watcher and their favorite songbird, or any other animal deserving of artistic reverence.

Artbeat Designs portraits make fantastic gifts, whether as memorials, home décor, or little reminders of Mother Earth’s wonder. You can decorate your farmhouse with your favorite riding horse. Bring your inner spirit animal out with authentic artwork you can feel.  Bring the beauty of nature to your nursery with portraits of furry friends for your baby to enjoy, remember the wildest animals from your latest safari year-round!

I have proudly rescued animals of many shapes, sizes, and species, and am constantly amazed by just how beautiful the souls of all creatures can be. I take great pride in caring for my two beautiful rescue dogs, one of which walks with the help of a wheelchair. I created Artbeat Designs with lots of love and a few art supplies, as a way to give others creative likenesses of their pets or favorite animals that showcase their inner beauty while displaying my love of creative expression. Thank you so much for your visit, and I look forward to working with you!

May you and all creatures find happiness and peace <3



Nora Seoudi


Amira El-Noshokaty


Ahmed Saieed