ARTBEAT is a graphic design project that was born out of believing that art is life! Hard work beats talent, but passion beats both. For me, art is a passion as it invades every aspect of my life. I am passionate about colors, music, nature, places, animals, and people.

INSPIRATION: A combination that allowed me to discover new dimensions of my surroundings and gave me room for unlimited innovation. My life in coaching experience taught me to listen carefully and understand deeply people’s needs. A talent needed to cater for different tastes and to fulfill exceptional demands.

Mission: “Artbeat” works with you on translating your thoughts into designs that speak for you. We will design and translate your project into a piece of digital art that express and meet your expectations.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I draw myself as a universal citizen with an Egyptian blood, a Brazilian heart and lucky person to travel around the world and gain different experiences with project reflects them all. I’ve spent years practicing a variety of applied arts together with Graphic design.