CAT SKETCH Hand Painted Art, Modern Cat Art Original Art Work, Etsy Custom Gift Cat Watercolor, Cat Loss Gift


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CAT SKETCH Hand Painted Art, Modern Cat Art Original Art Work, Etsy Custom Gift Cat Watercolor, Cat Loss Gift

———————Important info————————–
✓ 100% hand-painted (NOT computerized or poster prints)
✓ Custom Cat Portrait
✓ Frame is not included.
✓ Ready to ship in 1-4 days

Welcome to the Artbeat Designs Etsy storefront! Artbeat Designs is all about the belief that all animals are true sources of beauty and peace throughout the world that we share with them, and should be honored. From family pets to wild wonders of nature deserves a tribute!

This custom pet portrait is NOT a digital reproduction, but a 100 percent authentic art piece, hand painted with watercolor on paper, made the traditional way, not through a computer program! Reproductions are lovely, but nothing can be truly appreciated more than the true artist’s original touch.

If you are looking for a handmade, unique gift to give to a lucky cat’s mom or dad, this is the best gift you can get! This hand painted original artwork will be truly memorable and well appreciated by your loved ones, and makes a wonderful present for your furriend’s special occasion. Treat the new puppy mom in your life, or celebrate your dog’s birthday in style

This heartfelt and unique portrait is also perfect for memorializing a lost family pet, and helps to keep their memory and beauty alive. I know the pain and heartache that comes with the loss of any pet, and I truly believe each and every animal we care for has a special place in our heart. These portraits offer a small but important way to keep that special place in your home as well.

These portraits are custom made. Do keep in mind, as each painting is individually hand painted, you may occasional slight differences between the image and the final result.
I am a professional artist with real passion for what I do, I take the time to put as much effort as possible into creating each and every painting.

• Custom made watercolor paintings
• A Custom made cat portrait
• Painted on high quality Hahnemühle Aquarell 425gm paper with Van Gogh art creation watercolor
• 100% hand-painted (NOT computerized or poster prints)
• Unique gift idea
• Original art work
• It takes 1-4 days for the painting to be ready
• The painting comes unframed packed in safe, strong cardboard box of the appropriate size
• Signed by artist Nora Seoudi
– Frame is not included.
– I accept and love working with any kind of pet: dog, cat, horse, bunny, and others.

———————–How does it work?—————————-
If you want me to make a custom pet portrait for you, buy a portrait in the shop and send me a photograph or several pictures of your pet. A good picture is the key to a good painting. Try to take a picture with natural lighting and lots of detail in the face of the pet. The quality of the picture is important here.

——–If this is not what you are looking for so please check———
– The digital cat portraits:

– Pet Certificate:

——————–Thanks you————————–
I created Artbeat Designs with lots of love and a few art supplies, as a way to give others creative likenesses of their pets or favorite animals that showcase their inner beauty while displaying my love of creative expression. Thank you so much for your visit, and I look forward to working with you!

P.s.: make sure to tag @nora.artbeatdesigns if you share a photo of your print on Instagram! 🙂

Special thanks to freepik mockups


18cm * 24cm, 30cm * 40cm, 40cm * 50cm, 10cm *10cm


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