SMART PHONE COVER Gift For Friend, Wild Life Phone Accessories, Iphone Silicone Case Animals Lover Gift


SMART PHONE COVER Gift For Friend, Wild Life Phone Accessories, Iphone Silicone Case Animals Lover Gift

——————–Important info————————
✓ Variety of animals to choose from (printed copy of my original watercolor artwork)
✓ TPU Silicone Case
✓ Glitter Filled
✓ Ready to ship in 3-5 working days

Welcome to the Artbeat Designs Etsy storefront! Artbeat Designs is all about the belief that all animals are true sources of beauty and peace throughout the world that we share with them, and should be honored. From family pets to wild wonders of nature deserves a tribute!

Every Artbeat Designs piece is created to show the beauty inherent in all animals. Each design is the perfect way to own a small piece of Mother Earth’s wonder, either as portraits, smartphone cases, laptop cases, or anything else you love!

Every product is handmade, hand painted to the smallest details. Some products are ready-made and some made to order!

We use our devices all the time, so why not to protect them in a stylish way? Get yourself a liquid star glitter-filled case with a trendy print that will protect and make it look good. Each animal was initially water colored by me than digitized and turned in to a phone case, perfect for your everyday needs or as a gift idea!

This cute iPhone case carries a unique design that can feature a large choice of animals. Choose the animal that is closest to your heart! Whether you choose a family pet, spirit animal, or other favorite. Each animal design speaks to a special part of our lives, may it be parenting, marriage or just simply everyday happiness. You can choose from wildlife or farm animals. Available animal designs include: penguin, swan, giraffe, zebra, pig, elephant, duck, flamingo or hippo.

Each image is printed on a long lasting, TPU silicone, non-scratch phone case that is not slippery and perfectly fits your device. Each case is filled with glitter that is flowing in the direction you turn your phone. What a perfectly cute phone case to show your love for animals! This makes a perfect gift for girls of all ages!

• Large choice of animal designs to choose from
• The cases are made from premium TPU material which is a lightweight, soft thermoplastic polyurethane
• Due to the properties of the TPU material this case is flexible, transparent, resistant to oil, grease and abrasion
• Has a non-grip effect and it is scratch resistant
• Features 4 corner bumpers as extra protection
• Perfectly fits on your device, covers all sides and protects it while all ports can be accessed
• Cases are slim, so they add style to your device without a bulky look

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The laptop sleeves:

—————–Thanks you——————————-
I created Artbeat Designs with lots of love and a few art supplies, as a way to give others creative likenesses of their pets or favorite animals that showcase their inner beauty while displaying my love of creative expression. Thank you so much for your visit, and I look forward to working with you!

P.s.: make sure to tag @nora.artbeatdesigns if you share a photo of your print on Instagram! 🙂

Special thanks to freepik mockups


iPhone 7/8, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR


Penguin, Swan, Giraffe, Elephant, Duck, Pig, Flamingo, Hippo


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